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Did you know that if the world continues to catch fish the way it currently does, by 2048 the global natural fish population will be zero and world’s oceans will be barren of seafood? A great tragedy of the fishing industry is that only 10% of what is pulled up in fishing nets makes it onto peoples plates. 90% of the total catch was caught by accident, and dead for no reason.

Can you imagine a world without fish?

The quantity of sea life is plummeting fast but, despite pleas from scientists, farmers continue to push quotas and overfish while politicians turn a blind eye.

The 2009 film ‘The End of the Line – A World Without Fish’ explores this issue of the devastating drop in fish population. Check out the trailer below – if you have a chance to catch the full length film, we highly recommend this. It is a truly fascinating look at the fishing industry and how most of us have had the wool pulled over our eyes – until now.

Luckily, aquaponic agriculture could help solve this problem. Aquaponics guarantees a 0% bycatch and ensures that non-edible and unmarketable species stay where they belong – in the ocean!

Aquaponics in India will soon be offering consultancy services. Please get in touch for more information.

Written by Pippa Woodhead
Being a health-nut, London born Pippa has struggled to adjust to the lack of availability of lettuce and kale since re-locating to India. Previously naive to the extent of the worlds food struggles, she has now become obsessed with sustainability in food production and especially in India where it needs it the most (plus she’s also hoping to get her hands on some kale any day now). When she’s not writing for Aquaponics in India, she is usually found with her head in a book or in the kitchen experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.