Aquaponics In India

A Compact, Comprehensive Guide That Will Refine The Way You Pursue Aquaponics Farming.

Discover The Little Known Dos And Donts That’ll Equip You To Approach The Skill Of Aquaponics Farming As A Perfectionist

An indispensable guide compiled by masters in the field of Aquaponics, reveals the most frequently made 11 Common Mistakes that you must avoid in order to farm sustainably and flawlessly…

…Regardless of your own level of experience, competence or success.


Discover 11 important guidelines with directions of how to abide by them effectively in your farming practice.

Easy to Implement

The steps are helpful, simple and easy to Implement.

Highly Rewarding

The guide has been designed to make the whole process smooth and financially Gratifying.

Here is what you’ll learn:-

  • Why it is important to maintain the quality of water while setting up an Aquaponics farm. What the five key water quality parameters are and how to regulate them.
  • Why research plays an important part in the selection of the right fish for your system and which factors need to be considered before culturing the most suitable fishes.
  • How important it is to be considerate of the fish to water ratio and the disadvantages of overstocking fish in a limited space.
  • The hazardous impact of using additives to lower the pH level of your system and a safer way to go about the process.
  • How to ensure that the plants receive an ample amount of sunlight if they are cultivated indoors or in shade.
  • The essential importance of meeting the nutritional needs of fish and what happens when they are fed inadequately.
  • Say goodbye to unhealthy practices such as the absence of a pest control strategy in your Aquaponics farm.
  • …..much, much more

By the end of this guide

You’ll understand the 11 guidelines that would help you prevent lapses and flaws and be well empowered to:-

  • Combat the challenges that arise in Aquaponics farming
  • Save labour, energy, time and money
  • Make the whole process errorfree, smooth and financially rewarding

Discover The Do’s And Dont’s To Help You Shine Brilliantly And Unravel Your Potential As An Aquaponics Farmer

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