December 28, 2017 Agriculture 7,485 Comments

If you’re looking into aquaponic crops in India, you need to know a thing or two about agriculture in India. The first thing to learn is what kinds of crops are already grown here and when they are grown. The types of crops in India are categorized according to the growing season:

1. Karif

Timing: Start of the monsoon until the beginning of winter. June/July to October/November. Crops: Rice, maize, millets, cotton, groundnut, moong, urad.

2. Rabi

Timing: Start of winter until the beginning of summer. October/November until March/April. Crops: Wheat, barley, gram, oilseeds.

3. Zaid

Timing: Short summer. March/April until June/July. Crops: Cucumber, watermelon. Aquaponics systems have the potential to grow many of the above crops, using only a fraction of the water, space, and fertilizers required by other types of agriculture in India.

Written by Aquaponics Team