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If you’ve been on the fence about getting started with aquaponics, here are 11 reasons why you should make 2015 your year of sustainable change!

1. You can have an aquaponics system almost anywhere. Even if you don’t have acres of farm land, a successful system can be in your back yard or city rooftop.

2. You will never regret having a regular source of healthy food for you and your family. A small system can easily feed a family of four – so you will never have to buy vegetables again! Think how much money you will save growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads all year round.

3. You can grow unusual or out of season produce that is not available anywhere else. Which means you will either be very popular with local restaurants seeking specialist ingredients, or just that you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods 365 days a year!

4. You will have the peace of mind that comes from food independence. If there is ever a food crisis or financial strife, you know that you and your family will always have plenty to eat.

5. Crops grow at about twice the speed aquaponically than they do in soil, so you can grow a huge amount in very little time. For example a romaine lettuce grown traditionally will take roughly 75 – 85 days to mature, but in an aquaponics system on average it is only about 36 days.

Image credit: Rebecca Partington (Flickr)

Lettuce! Image credit: Rebecca Partington (Flickr)

6. You are protected from drought (aquaponics only requires 10% of the water of traditional farming) and other environmental issues that are commonly disastrous for farmers. The poor soil conditions and unreliable weather in India can cause crop failures. The poverty now associated with farming means that an Indian farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes.

7. All your produce will be 100% organic. This means you can be certain that what you and your family are eating is safe.

8. You also have a reliable source of organic protein if you choose to eat your fish.

9. Organic produce is becoming increasingly sought after by consumers for its health benefits, so this is a great niche in the market if you plan to sell what you grow. Non organic food can be high in chemicals, and has also been found to be lower in nutrients than organic.

10. There is no digging, fussing or time consuming labor required. Once your system is set up it practically runs by itself! This makes it perfect for those looking for a hobby, as well as those who intend to run a system as a full time business.

11. And perhaps the most important reason… its fun!

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Written by Pippa Woodhead
Being a health-nut, London born Pippa has struggled to adjust to the lack of availability of lettuce and kale since re-locating to India. Previously naive to the extent of the worlds food struggles, she has now become obsessed with sustainability in food production and especially in India where it needs it the most (plus she’s also hoping to get her hands on some kale any day now). When she’s not writing for Aquaponics in India, she is usually found with her head in a book or in the kitchen experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.