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9 Things You Never Knew About Tilapia

Tilapia are hugely popular in aquaponic systems due to their adaptive and hardy nature. But here are 9 things you probably didn’t know about your new favorite fish:

1. Tilapia fish appear in the Christian Bible in the Gospel of Matthew, when St. Peter caught a fish with a coin in its mouth. As a result some have nicknamed it ‘St. Peters…

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Aquaponics workshop. Image Credit: Maciej Wojnicki (Flickr)

Aquaponics in the City

Maybe aquaponics in the city sounds crazy, but one of the ways aquaponics is truly special is the ability to place a system almost anywhere. Small urban systems are becoming increasingly popular, and if you are a city dweller this is the perfect way to provide food for your family and as well as having a profitable business.

Our cities are expanding,…

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Charlie Price @ TEDx Warwick

Aquaponics on TED

There is a TED talk for just about anything cool these days, so of course there are some great talks on Aquaponics on TED! The below video is our favorite as the speaker Charlie Price covers the bases in a way that is both informative and easy to understand.

Charlie is from Aquaponics UK – the social enterprise dedicated…

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Tilapia: Fish Fit For A King!

Tilapia is a commonly used fish in an aquaponics system – and for good reason. Tilapia are hardy to keep, but also popular as a food so are easy to sell, but also oh-so easy to enjoy yourself.

It is firm-fleshed fish, versatile to cook and delicious. It also doesn’t give off a strong fishy odor like many other fish.

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Aquaponics tomatoes. Ajinth Kumar (Flickr)

3 Key Aquaponic Vegetables

What are the 3 staple aquaponic vegetables that you can grow yourself? Read on, young apprentice!

(yep, Star Wars reference)!


Tomatoes will do well in an aquaponic system provided you have well stocked fish tanks as they require more nutrients than leafy vegetable such as lettuce. In the initial stages of growth the nutrient demands are fairly…

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United Soyabean Board (Flickr)

Key Strategies for Building an Aquaponic Greenhouse

Keeping an aquaponic greenhouse is optional, but there are several benefits.

Environmental control – aquaponic greenhouses keep crops warm during winter months
Protection – In case of hail, excess wind or monsoon.
Insect and pest exclusion

In short, an aquaponic greenhouse can help you provide the right environment all year round, protecting your crops from harsh environmental changes…

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Aquaponics bok choi.

Aquaponic Vegetables For a Long and Healthy Life

“Our bodies are gardens, to which our wills are gardeners,” – William Shakespeare

All sorts of plants can be grown in your aquaponics system. We take a look at 3 aquaponic vegetables that do very well in any aquaponics system, plus the health benefits they have.

Leafy lettuce

Lettuce is often written off as ‘rabbit food’ but we feel it…

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Aquaponics vegetables

7 Reasons Why You Want Locally Grown Food

‘Locally grown’ is one of those terms that is bandied around like ‘organic’ without any real explanation of why this is better – for us, for the community and for the environment.

If there is a shortage of crops in a given area, food will have to travel. Here’s why this is not ideal:

1. Locally grown food tastes…

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Aquaponics fish. Image Credit: Biodiversity Heritage Library (Flickr)

The Basic Anatomy of Healthy Aquaponic Fish

Numerous things go into maintaining the healthy aquaponic fish – good feed, correct temperature and water quality.

Having knowledge of the basic anatomy of your fish will help you identify abnormalities that can lead to disease in otherwise healthy groups of fish, as well as helping you distinguish between the sexes. Also, being able to name various body parts will allow you…

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Feeding Aquaponic Fish – What You Need to Know!

Feeding aquaponic fish can seem complicated, but knowing is half the battle! Fish food will be the main input in your aquaponics system, therefore it’s important to get it right. This is not only down to the health of your fish, but also because the fish food then becomes the waste and the waste feeds the plants.

In the natural world, fish…

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