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Aquaponics fish. Image credit: Klaus Friese (Flickr)

Is Tilapia Urine a turn on? Science says yes!

…Well, that’s a sentence we never thought we would write.

According to this National Geographic article, male Tilapia fish pee whenever they are looking to attract the ladies.

Tilapia have an amazingly complex social structure. They dig holes in the sand and the most dominant males stay in the centre giving them access to the females.

During this mating ritual the male tilapia pee a lot. In the more…

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Image credit: Alexander Bodon (Flickr)

In an informal carry-on from Monday’s blog ‘8 Reasons why aquaponic gardening is better than regular gardening.’ here are 5 reasons why having your own supply as fish (as well as vegetables) is a ruddy good thing!

    1. Safety – in a world where chemical use is out of control, when you buy a fish you never know what…
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Aquaponics has no weeds! Image credit: Digital Temi (Flickr)

Aquaponics is many wonderful things.  It is environmentally friendly, uber-efficient and fast, and completely organic. It is also fantastic for the home gardener. Here’s why:

1.  Your osteopath will thank you (or be wanting for business).  You can set grow beds at whatever height you want – we recommend waist height!  This way there is no repetitive bending down or crawling in the soil on hand and knee. Your back…

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Did you know that if the world continues to catch fish the way it currently does, by 2048 the global natural fish population will be zero and world’s oceans will be barren of seafood? A great tragedy of the fishing industry is that only 10% of what is pulled up in fishing nets makes it onto peoples plates. 90% of the total catch was caught by accident, and dead…

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United Nations

United Nations: Let’s Protect Our Planet

Future generations will judge our action on climate change Ban Ki-Moon, UN secretary general

It was the recent climate change march in New York on September 20th that saw 100,000 people come to the streets in unity. The crowd included numerous celebrities and Politian’s.

We love the below that was made to mark the event.

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Mayan temple. Yuri Islas (Flickr)

‘Time For Change’ – a Film and a Philosophy

It was at this time only two years ago that many people believed that the world as we knew it would soon be over.

According to the famous Mayan prophecy, in December 2012 the world was going end. Depending on your view-point, nothing or plenty has changed since then.

Although many took this ‘end of the world’ very literally,…

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Image Credit: Steenbergs (Flickr)

Is Climate Change Hurting India’s Tea Industry?

55% of all India’s tea is grown in Assam. The climate here, just like everywhere else in the world, has changed in recent years. It has become hotter and the rainfall patterns are different. This has resulted in an 18.4% decrease in productivity since 2007.

When we talk about climate change on this blog, it is usually in view of the effects…

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Jelene Morris (Flickr)

It’s not a competition, but if it was…

1. Hydroponics is more expensive and less natural.

Hydroponics uses expensive chemical nutrient solutions, which are becoming increasingly expensive and due to over-mining of some of the ingredients it is getting increasingly harder to find good quality.

Aquaponics needs only fish feed as an input – far less pricey and a large…

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Hydroponic grass. BBC Countryfile - You Tube

Could Aquaponics Be Used in Animal Farming?

Those in the business of animal rearing might consider aquaponics as a long term money saving option for feeding their livestock. Fresh and green almost always outweighs any other type of foodstuff in the health stakes.

Grass fed cows, for instance, provide a superior milk. 100% grass fed cows milk is richer in omega 3, vitamin E and beta carotene as well…

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The Age of Stupid: You Tube

Our New Favourite Environmental Film

We always take an active interest in environmental concerns, and as such have been so struck by the film ‘The Age of Stupid.’ This film was actually released in 2009 so we are coming to it rather late, however we have been making our way through some of the fascinating documentaries on Films for Action – if you haven’t heard of…

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