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Image Credit: Kevin Gessner (Flickr)

Aquaponic Papaya Trees

We’re big fans of Murray Hallam’s entertaining YouTube series ‘Practical Aquaponics.’ If you have been wondering about the potential for growing fruits in your aquaponics system, look no further than the Papaya trees that he grows in his system in Australia.

Some aquaponics growers shy away from plants that usually require a lot of soil to set down roots….

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Credit: Elliot Brown (Flickr)

Could Food Waste Power Your Home?

Food wastage is a big problem – but what if this could be turned into big business?

One supermarket in the UK is turning around the fortunes of the nation’s rubbish and actually making something very useful out of it…electricity!

The Sainsbury’s superstore in Staffordshire has been working with the waste management team at Biffa to work out a…

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Aquaponics in India.

I’m in England visiting my parents, and I’ve been making myself useful by becoming the resident fruit picker in our garden. My biggest job has been a gnarly old plum tree, which has come up trumps this summer with the biggest load of juicy plums we’ve had in years.

What has struck me about this is the year-by-year inconsistency of the fruit…

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Aquaponics chocolate?! Image Credit: Peter Pearson (Flickr)

A Cocoa Farmers First Chocolate Bar

One of the most tragic things about the state of farming in India is how many farmers cannot afford to truly enjoy what they grow, frequently going hungry or opting to keep aside only the most meagre rations for themselves while selling the best of their produce.

This is not only tragic but also incredibly ironic, and we were reminded of this…

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We are big fans of local food here at Aquaponics in India, and for good reason. Eating locally grown produce not only supports your community and small time growers, but the food will reach your plate fresher and therefore richer in nutrients and better tasting.

We also believe that the more connected people are to the food grown nearby, there will be…

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Aquaponics is everywhere. Rian (Ree) Saunders (Flickr)

A New Aquaponics Ecosystem in the UK

Each aquaponics system is unique. Here is fascinating example of a system in a colder climate.

Television presenter Kate Humble has set up the UK’s first aquaponic solar greenhouse. Humble presents the UK program ‘Springwatch’ which explores rural wildlife.

Her frustration at the abundance of unused farmland across Britain and excessive food wastage (she has…

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Exploring India’s Farmer Suicide Rate

The high farmer suicide rate in India is perhaps one of the most alarming observations to be made in the country over the past few years.

A study made between 1997 and 2006 showed that an average of 16,000 farmers committed suicide every year, that makes for every 7th suicide in the country. Since 2001, the national number…

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The Best Hydroponics System We’ve Seen

We just have to show you this incredible hydroponics system!

At the Milan Expo 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, France’s contribution to the event is a giant hydroponic garden, designed to look like the rolling hills of the French countryside.

It will be a restaurant, a vegetable garden and a market all in…

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Let Aquaponics Save the Rainforests!

The global need for more and more food has made allowances for some agricultural methods with questionable ethics.

One of these is continual deforestation to create arable land. Many forest clearers burn hundreds of acres of rainforest. This not only decreases the Earth’s ability to sequester carbon and accelerates climate change, but it destroys the homes of hundreds of animals.

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Aquaculture and Hydroponics = Dream Team!

Aquaponics is a culmination of aquaculture and hydroponics, but what are they individually?


Aquaculture is fish farming, and is a system of agriculture dating back thousands of years. 3500 BC in China is when the first farming of the common carp began, and remnants of ancient Egypt in 2500 BC show depictions of tilapia being fished out of a tank.

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