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Credit: Geoffrey Dudgeon (Flickr)

5 Reasons You Need Aquaponics In Your Life – NOW!

Are you asking yourself: “Why aquaponics?”

Well, here’s why! Aquaponics is…

1. 100% Organic

It is impossible for an aquaponics system to NOT be organic. Because of the re-circulating aquaculture, (the water from the plants is then pumped back into the fish), if chemical sprays have been used on the plants, the fish will die. As a result…

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Image credit: Garry Knight (Flickr)

News: Huge Climate Change Rally in London

Over 15,000 people took to the streets of London, UK, this Saturday for a climate change march, which ended in a rally outside parliament. The event is just one of roughly 2,500 similar marches around the world calling for more action on climate change.

Here’s what a few of the influential people involved are saying:

British Green party politician…

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Image Credit: Glen Scarborough (Flickr)

Sustainability 90210: Aquaponics in Hollywood

Step aside, organic. Sustainability is the new buzzword in farming, and for good reason!

Organic farming is great and all, but with the amount of water and land required to grow a substantial amount of food – it just doesn’t cut it anymore, least of all in India with its poor soil and volatile weather.

Aquaponics is unique in…

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Growing Plants Without Soil – How Does It Work?

In school, we are taught that plants grow in soil. If we go outside of cities into the rural areas of the country, we see traditional farmer’s fields, where the plants shoot up from the ground towards the sun with their roots firmly in the soil. Most people keep potted plants in their houses and parents show their young children how to plant gardens.

Perhaps that’s why the concept of…

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Farming systems in India range from subsistence farming to organic farming, to industrial or commercial farming. This variation in types of farming in India is largely due to the fact that the climate varies significantly according to the different regions in India. The state of Rajasthan has a very desert-like, arid climate where water is often scarce, compared to the eastern Himalayan regions which record the highest volume…

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Hydroponics and aquaponics are two innovative methods of growing crops. Why? Because unlike traditional agricultural methods, they don’t use soil. The main difference between the two is that aquaponics takes the ingenuity of hydroponics one step further, by symbiotically combining a hydroponic growing system with aquaculture. So what is aquaculture? It’s the process of cultivating fish. In an aquaculture system, fish are raised in a tank. Combine…

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Hydroponics tower in Singapore. Image credit: Leong Him Woh (Flickr)

Could we make a futuristic Indian aquaponics tower to rival this one in Singapore?

Singapore also has one of the highest population’s densities on the planet – 5.3 million people live within 710 square kilometer. In any case, crowding is something we’re also familiar with India!

At the moment, only about 7% of all Singapore’s food is grown locally….

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Image Credit: Framtiden i våre hender (Flickr)

Environmental Hero: Tristram Stuart

Tristram Stuart is an English writer, food waste campaigner and winner of the international environmental award The Sophie Prize in 2011.

Why we love him

His book Waste, is eye-opening and shocking in its divulgence of just how much perfectly good food is wasted worldwide (apparently up to half!)

His organization,

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studion tdes (Flickr)

Can you do aquaponics if you’re vegetarian or vegan?

Vegetarians, vegans and those interested in animal rights, occasionally ask us the question – is aquaponics ethical?

They worry:

•If the plants can be considered edible for a vegan (as they were nourished by fish poop)

•If the fish are harmed

•If the fish food is vegetarian.

Everyone has a different set of ethical principles but from our stand point – yes, you absolutely can enjoy aquaponics BOTH if you are vegetarian and vegan….

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Image credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture (Flickr)

Time for a sustainable agricultural revolution! (Video)

Will we be able to feed the huge population growth planet earth is experiencing?

Are there any ways we can reduce the contamination of our water supply that comes from agriculture pesticides?

As cities grow and get further away from farms, is there a way to start growing food a little close to home?

The answer…

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