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Mixed aquaponic herbs! Credit: Don LaVange (Flickr)

Allopathic medicine is a great thing, however many of us are too quick to head to the drugs cabinet for day to day minor ills, which is criminal really when there are SO many natural solutions that work brilliantly!

In days of yore, people’s gardens doubled up as a pharmacy, but this traditional knowledge is quickly being forgotten. What most people don’t…

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Aquaponic lettuce! Image credit: asdfawev (Flickr)

Great Aquaponics Demonstration Video

We’ve stumbled upon the below video from Morningstar Fishermen in Hawaii and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s a great demo for what you can achieve with your aquaponics system. Theirs is a highly efficient and relatively inexpensive system, and is also a terrific example of the wide range of produce you can grow in such a system.

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Aquaponics pests! Image credit: Matt Reinbold (Flickr)

Unfortunately, pests are a problem for all gardeners – even aquaponic ones.

An aquaponics system has to be kept completely organic, because whatever you spray on the plants will eventually make it back to the fish. If toxic chemicals are sprayed on your lettuces you will fairly swiftly have some dead fish floating around on the top of the water…not nice for…

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Image credit: Pascal (Flickr)

Is the way you cook as important as what you cook?

Many of us feel that accumulating new gadgets shows we are going up in the world. However there is one gadget that we do not want to see in our kitchens, and that’s the microwave.

Health is the most valuable thing we have, and we were curious to hear about the mounting research that shows that microwaved food could be causing cancer.

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Image credit: kanegan (Flickr)

Could Aquaponics be the future for florists?

The world of floristry is missing a trick if it doesn’t know about aquaponics!

In the flower trade?

Why grow flowers in traditional soil if they grow faster aquaponically? As with anything in an aquaponics system, it will grow roughly double the speed as it would in soil. Faster growth means more amazing flowers to sell, and therefore a…

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Image credit: Thomas Euler (Flickr)

Make Aquaponics Your New Years Resolution!

If you’ve been on the fence about getting started with aquaponics, here are 11 reasons why you should make 2015 your year of sustainable change!

1. You can have an aquaponics system almost anywhere. Even if you don’t have acres of farm land, a successful system can be in your back yard or city rooftop.

2. You will never…

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Image credit: Janine (Flickr)

Don’t be a festive fatty!

For large parts of the world, this December marks a festive season full of overindulgences.

Many people will use Christmas as an excuse to eat yet more unhealthy food – with nutrient poor, calorie rich ingredients that deplete our physical health. Festive season aside (your body will forgive a few festive treats!) most people do not eat nearly enough

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Image credit: Robert Cutts (Flickr)

Aquaponics in South Africa

We were interested to watch this video about the work of South African man called Japie Muller. He has set up an aquaponic system in his home town of Stellenbosch (about 50 KM east of Cape Town) in order to help feed the high numbers of people living below the poverty line.

Like India, South Africa has a food supply that is…

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Image credit: Michael Coghlan (Flickr)

Prison inmates in US being taught aquaponics

The federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana has been teaching its inmates how to raise fish and plants with their own aquaponics system.

Not only is this a great educational project, but this practice also saves the taxpayer money, as the inmates are growing their own food!

We would also bet that this new found purpose means they are…

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Aquaponic vegetables? Masahiro Ihara (Flickr)

We were fascinated and delighted to hear about the work of a student called Miles Medina in the US.

His journey into aquaponics all started with a routine trip to the grocery store. It was here that a thought occurred to him: Could stores start selling the fruit and veg they sell right on their roofs?

The idea…

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