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Why non-renewable energy has played a part in almost everything you eat, and why we need to move toward sustainable and local food sources – such as aquaponics!

It’s frightening to realize just how much we rely on petroleum for even the most basic foodstuffs.

Unless you get your food from local, natural sources, chances are it’s come from…

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Aquaponics, the Gaza Strip and New Urban Farming

Aquaponics is ideal for urban farmers, Gaza is a great example why.

With the horrific goings on in Gaza recently we are reminded of a news article we saw a while back.

In recent years, conflict with Israel meant that Gaza inhabitants had severe restrictions imposed in regard to agricultural land, upon which it previously depended.

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas on…

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Growing up! Is vertical farming the future?

As cities grow ever bigger, and more rural land gets taken over, it will become more important to grow food within the city. We like to think more people will have their own personal aquaponic farms on their roof, or that colony’s will have their own aquaponic systems to start growing their own food.

But we’re also fascinated by…

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Hydroponic Hero! Profile of Patrick Blanc

I know we usually spend far more time celebrating aquaponics, however it’s close cousin hydroponics that’s caught our eye today.

Our new crush in the field is Patrick Blanc, the botanical architect who we have to thank for many of the world’s most impressive ‘living walls’, such as this one pictured at the Athenaeum hotel in London (above).

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Aquaponics at NASA

If you’ve ever fancied eating like a rocket scientist then you can look no further than aquaponics!

Could we one day grow food in space?

A group of US students certainly think so!

The New Jersey based class won a silver medal for their project a few years ago… and we can’t believe we’re only just…

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My Visit to London’s Aquaponics ‘Shop’

To London. And to a place I have been looking forward to visiting. Farm:Shop is not any old café, it is an aquaponics café, where leaves and vegetables selected from the aquaponics system are used to make a variety of delicious soups, salads and sandwiches, as well as educating people on this essential method of food production.

My lunch is a salad thrown together by lettuce…

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Local Food: Aquaponics and the Community

There is often a certain level of amazement when people first learn about aquaponics and how it works.

No soil? The fish feed the plants? The plants grow how fast?!

We like this video from the BBC showing locals pushing forward with a local food initiative ‘Incredible Edible.’ Local food is so important as it gets people supporting local farmers which is an investment in the community, it also encourages an…

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Shocking Indian Food Statistics You Never Knew

“Estimates of general undernourishment – what is sometimes called protein-energy malnutrition – are nearly twice as high in India as in Sub-Saharan Africa.
– Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize Winner

Did you know some of these shocking Indian food statistics…

ONE THIRD of all world hunger is in India

• Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day

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The History of Aquaponics

Long before aquaponics actually became aquaponics, people had been using similar methods for years… Here it is, the History of Aquaponics!


In 1000 AD the Aztec Indians settled in central Mexico near Lake Tenochtitlan. The fresh water lake was surrounded by marshes and rising hills which threw up a problem…

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5 Reasons You Need Aquaponics In Your Life – NOW!

Are you asking yourself: “Why aquaponics?”

Well, here’s why! Aquaponics is…

1. 100% Organic

It is impossible for an aquaponics system to NOT be organic. Because of the re-circulating aquaculture, (the water from the plants is then pumped back into the fish), if chemical sprays have been used on the plants, the fish will die….

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